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About Us

Tutu Gallery took on a life of its own at a perfect time for us. We were both ready for something new in our lives and since we both love dance and want to stay involved in the industry, starting our own business was a thrilling prospect that excited both of us. We knew that with our combined talents, we'd be ready to face all the challenges related to getting a new business off the ground and turning it into a success.

We make a unique Mother-Daughter team. Between the two of us, we bring decades of experience in the dance industry to our business. Olga was a professional ballet dancer on the international stage for more than 20 years and currently teaches ballet at a number of dance schools in southern Ontario. She has been designing and making costumes for her schools for the past 10 years and her sewing expertise that she brings to Tutu Gallery is invaluable.

Having a professional dancer for a Mom naturally meant that Anna grew up immersed in the dance industry and she brings over 25 years of her experiences to their business. She never ventured into dance herself and her unique perspective from off-stage adds important balance and contrast to her Mom's many talents. Anna contributes a strong business sense and high professional standards to Tutu Gallery and has just as much joy and pleasure as her Mom in serving their customers and seeing to the success of their business.

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